A Global Leader in Silicone Technology

since 1977

LUGA Suministros Medicos was founded in 1977 by Luis Garrote de la Alameda in Spain. The aim was to create the ideal silicone to be applied in the production of the best orthotics and other accessories for foot biomechanical problems.

Today, LUGA's production centre in Madrid has grown to become the world leader in the design and development of silicone foot care products. On-site, rigorously controlled development activities are continuously carried out to improve the silicone used to produce the devices. To produce the thinnest silicone possible, while ensuring maximum support; to use skin-friendly components; to ensure silicone consistency and durability. Product development is carried out in collaboration with the best specialists in kinesiology, biomechanics and podiatry. The products are CE certified.

LUGA collaborates with selected partners in more than 50 countries worldwide. A constant commitment to manufacturing innovation and honesty and respect for our customers guarantee the end user the best products for any foot problem, with thorough quality control.

LUGA product lines:

Orthopedic insoles, heel cups. Silicone products with a higher viscosity designed to provide an amortizing effect. Products for physically active people and athletes. The products are resistant to washing, do not dye the skin or clothes, do not change colour. The products have "molecular memory", they take their original designed shape after use. NOTE: After washing, powder the part of the product in contact with the skin.

Particularly soft silicone gel products: toe separators, big toe guards, patches. Product line in contact with skin, main characteristics: hypoallergenic, non-toxic, does not promote bacterial growth. Resistant, wash well, do not discolour the skin or clothes, do not lose their colour or shape, do not require protection from sunlight, are completely fragrance-free and flame retardant. Be careful when installing and removing the products to avoid possible tears. NOTE: After washing, powder dry, except for parts with glue.

LUGA's newest product line. 100% pure silicone without additives and oils. The high antibacterial activity of the products is guaranteed by the CALBENIUM contained in the ingredients, which inhibits the growth of bacteria and fungi. The products are thin yet have an excellent amortization effect; they eliminate discomfort caused by friction. Hypoallergenic, non-toxic, resistant to washing, does not lose its colour or shape, odourless, does not stain skin or clothing, flame retardant. Be careful when installing and removing the products - to avoid damaging the thinly designed products. NOTE: After washing, powder dry, except for parts with glue.

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