"A woman's beauty is one thing, her personality is something else;

a woman is so much more beautiful when you can see the radiance of her spirit and soul."

These famous words belong to French beauty prince Christian Breton, whose beauty products are represented in more than 50 countries worldwide. The brand was created in 1990. Today, Christian Breton is one of the biggest names in French cosmetics. It is known worldwide as the creator of highly innovative and premium cosmetics, represented in internationally exclusive and prestigious department stores such as Galeries Lafayette in Paris, Paris Gallery in Dubai and 5th Avenue in New York.

Its success is based on unique skincare products, make-up collections and fragrances that are highly effective, personalised and based on the latest scientific discoveries.
How did the success story start, who is behind it? Christian Breton's success is largely due to the work of his mother, a famous dermatologist-geneticist of her time, a researcher at the Pasteur Institute, whose Genetics Skin System was a major breakthrough in the field.

Building on her research into dermatology, skin genetics facts and various cellular mechanisms, the dermogenetic skin care system was created, based on the dermogenetic study of 10 000 women of different races, ethnicities and ages. The brand's products, in different product lines, meet the beauty needs of every woman, in Europe, India, Asia, America and Africa.

In addition to the dermogenetic skincare lines, excellent intensive care collections were created for the eyes with Eye Priority, for skin youth with Age Priority, for the lips with Lip Priority.

"My goal is to help maintain the beauty, radiance and confidence of all women, while preserving their charm, regardless of age or origin!" declares the beauty visionary.

Breton has assembled an excellent team of high-level scientists, pharmacists and beauty therapists around her to help deliver on the promise she has made to millions of women around the world. The most active ingredients from the world of cosmetology are combined in the textures of the luxurious products, every step of the manufacturing process is rigorously controlled and the products are presented to the beauty world after certification of optimal quality and efficacy.

Find out more on the Christian Breton website.

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