Thanks to its brands with different focuses, exclusively in the beauty and wellness areas, DRV-PHYTOLAB has in-depth knowledge of these areas, including their needs, trends and everyday life preferences. This expertise and experience has provided the additional impetus for the creation of a new brand concept perfectly adapted to the needs of beauty centres - the ANESI concept.

The origin of the brand name ANESI is symbolic in a way. In Ancient Greek, anesi means pampering, a world of wellbeing, or pampering and wellbeing. ANESI follows the concept of personal care, already appreciated by the classical Greek and Egyptian civilisations. Raul Vidal Jr. dedicated the brand, whose motto is "Created with Love", to his Greek wife Andromache. From the very beginning, the entire Vidal family has been involved in the process of creating the brand: a shared vision and enthusiasm have resulted in the creation of perfect cosmetic ranges, designed to achieve beauty and well-being through indulgent care. ANESI stands for carefully thought-out and clearly developed care. They are easy to learn and enjoyable for both client and beautician, whose execution transforms each ANESI beauty treatment into a labeled intensive care that can be experienced in real life.

How are ANESI products created?
All ANESI cosmetic products are created by Phytolab Laboratories. Naturally, the formulation of each product is validated and the active ingredients are selected on the basis of scientific excellence, taking into account the specificity of the different products and the demands placed on them. Phytolab often collaborates with the best cosmetic experts from all over the world, aiming for the highest quality, efficacy and innovation.

Concept. These can be summarised in a nutshell: the need to experience the pleasure of care and wellbeing, which is created by products that are visibly effective from the first use, with a pleasant texture and easy to use at home. The products of the different ANESI ranges are interconnected through personalised treatments, a kind of tailoring that allows the customer's needs to be precisely met.

Image. The design of the packaging is based on the principles of softness and harmony. A feminine, delicate shape perfectly suited to a delicate head. The special treatments have been designed using a variety of colours and textures to achieve aesthetic perfection. Each ANESI cosmetic range has a different colour, in line with the concept of the range, allowing easy and intuitive identification of complementary products.

All ANESI products have names in French that convey the message of beauty through their immediate effect. For example, the names of all toners contain the word PARFAITE, as their function is to ensure perfect purity and balance of the skin and to prepare it for the following care. Products with an exfoliating effect include the word SENSATION in their names to convey not only the exfoliating but also the broader effect on the skin, and to convey the pleasure of use and the overall sense of well-being that results. The CAPITAL keyword for the masks expresses the essential action provided to the skin, and the EXTRÊME name for the serums testifies to the intensity of care. But ANESI is more than all of the above: ANESI guarantees customer satisfaction. Special offers, or coffret, which combine the best price with elegant packaging, are a pleasant surprise. The ANESI bag, with the ANESI logo printed in the brand's colours, also has an exclusive look.

Find out more on the ANESI website.

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