Alfaparf Milano - healthy and beautiful hair - it's high fashion.


Alfaparf Milano - for everyone who values excellence in hair care and cares about hair health, beauty and well-being.

Founded in 1980, Alfaparf Group is an Italian company, the largest hair colour manufacturer in Italy and one of the largest in the world. As Italy's No. 1 group in professional cosmetics, the company has been exporting its renowned beauty products to more than 80 countries for 40 years. The company has its own factories and laboratories.  

In 2018, the company was awarded the title of Best Managed Companies in Italy. The Alfaparf Group is one of 31 Italian companies in various sectors to be awarded the title of Best Managed Company. The award is given to a company that excels in performance, strategy and organisational skills.

Alfaparf Milano is in turn the number 1 brand in the group. The premium leading hair care brand for professionals. Offering the most effective and innovative solutions and unique products for the experienced hairdresser. Hair care and styling partner to recognised high fashion fashion houses. A rich range of products in colour, styling, care and styling.

Over the years, has won various innovation awards in the professional hair care industry. 20 product lines and more than 300 professional products.

Meeting all the needs of demanding professionals.


The company has 2 international research laboratories, 5 factories on different continents and 23 branches.

It cooperates with 38 international academies in the field of stylistic and technical training.

The company's philosophy is perfectly expressed by two slogans:

"Be provocative... be couture" ... be trendy and visible.
"Fashion and Beauty start from Hair Wellness" - Beauty and fashion are based on healthy and well-groomed hair.
A successful product concept is based on research and development, technological know-how, close collaboration with world-class hair stylists and studios, knowledge of the needs of professionals and salon clients.


Alfaparf Milano has been chosen as a partner in the field of hair care and styling by various renowned high fashion fashion houses. There has also been a fruitful collaboration with the European Institute of Design (IED).

The team has included many renowned stylists throughout the years, Richard Ashforth, Francesca Sesler and others. Under the guidance of Richard Thomson, the founder of the London Mahogany Academy and a veteran top stylist, prestigious collections have been created over the years. His work as a client is admired by Samantha Cameron, Cheryl Cole and Greta Scaachi. Fast-rising star stylist Kennet Frost has styled the hairstyles of Tyra Banks, Kylie Minoque, Oprah Winfrey and many other Hollywood TV stars. Ruslan Tatyanin, the stylist who has been awarded the title of long hair styling maestro, chose Alfaparf Milano because he wants to use and offer the best to his clients. Mimmo Lasserra's creative approach and aim to combine beauty and perfection in hair is the basis of his collaborations with renowned fashion brands. Genny D´Auria's style is synonymous with boundless creativity. Eliabe Moreira is an acclaimed teacher and stylist "par excellence" - excellence, a synthesis of English hairdressing school, Italian high fashion and Latin-American passionate dedication. Caring for the hair of stars and top models has been a challenge for product development.  Different fashion shows and trends require rapid changes in hair colour, shape and style. Therefore, hair needs special care, the best hair colour and care products.


Alfaparf Milano scientists have created unique care permanent colours EOC3 Evolution of Color Cube, demipermanent vegan ammonia- and MEA-free Color Wear, direct pigment colour R´Evolution.

The first to be added to hair dyes for health and beauty was hyaluronic acid, which until now has been used in cosmetics to restore the skin's youthfulness and moisturise it.

With a rich palette of colours, EOC3 is a permanent colour rich in nourishing and protective active ingredients, an ultra-pure micron-sized pigment and the lowest ammonia content guaranteed 100% grey coverage permanent colour on the market. The 110 shades of the colour chart are divided into: natural shades (3 lines - 24 shades), fashion shades, special blonde/platinum shades, correctors/mix shades, intensifiers, contrast shades.

Unique Pigments - a range of pure, concentrated pigments was awarded the 2016 International Professional Innovation Award, the highest in the professional sector.

Equipment & BB Bleach - a restorative bleaching system. The range of technical professional services is complemented by a therapeutic system for colouring and bleaching services Hair Supporters.

Natural ammonia and MEA free shine effect demipermanent and lightweight permanent colour with up to 100% grey coverage and vegan pigments Color Wear is based exclusively on vegetable pigments.

Alfaparfi hair dyes make hair stronger, give excellent shine and ensure the best grey coverage and permanence. Contain unique conditioning and protective ingredients.

Customers are delighted with trendy hairstyle and colour collections. A complete range of products and services designed for hair health and beauty are available in professional hair salons.

The keyword for the care product ranges is a personalised approach based on hair type and degree of damage.

The care products are free from concept, i.e. all products are free from sulphate, paraben, paraffin, mineral oil and allergens.

In addition, the Semi di Lino product line has an additional brightening effect and a colour protection complex, protection against the effects of the external environment. The professional products are complemented by home hair care products.


1) Semi di Lino - Diamond (for normal hair), Moisture (for dry hair), Reconstruction (for damaged hair), Volume (for fine textured hair), Curls (for curly and wavy hair), Smooth (for bald, difficult to manage hair).

2) Semi di Lino Scalp - for a variety of scalp problems with pre- and probiotics and problem-specific actives.

3) Precious nature - a natural Mediterranean conditioning menu for coloured hair, curly hair, straight long hair, dry hair and damaged, demanding hair.

4) Lisse Design - keratin therapy range, can do straightening and damage reduction as well as damaged hair.

5) Curl Design - keratin therapy for volumising, waves and curls.

6) Blends of Many especially for men.

Stylistics - the Style Stories range, which in turn includes products for pre-styling, texturising and waxes and pastes, as well as gels and hairsprays.


Alfaparf Milano - the ultimate professional range that inspires and elevates the art of hair care to a higher level of HAUT COUTURE.

The touch of high fashion and the perfect hair treatment are closer than ever.

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